a pinkberry experience at home...

Here is what J taught me while I was in CA about eating pinkberry at home:
  1. take pinkberry out of the freezer 20 to 30 minutes before you want to eat it. (a good rule of thumb is to pull it out before a half-hour tv show so you're not going crazy waiting!)
  2. scoop pinkberry out of container into bowl with ice cream scoop that has been run under hot water
  3. smoosh the pinkberry with ice cream scoop (maybe run it under the hot water a couple more times)
  4. place toppings on pinkberry
  5. eat pinkberry (preferably while watching episodes of entourage) ;-)


I know, I know....

It's been waaayyyy too long since my last post. Don't worry though - my feelings for pinkberry have not wavered. I've just been very busy with other life things ;-) I have had lots of p-berry in the past two months and I just got back from LA where it all began. I got to visit J - my friend who started my addiction. It was so awesome to get a text on the plane before we took off asking for p-berry orders so I knew there would be some waiting for us when we landed in CA. Let's just say I don't feel bad about my "problem" just take a look at what he had waiting for B and I. This photo does not capture the multiple containers of toppings as well (mango, pineapple, raspberries, strawberries, cap'n crunch, fruity pebbles, mochi, kiwi). I didn't get to have any today and now I feel like I'm going through withdrawal. I was also lucky enough to learn J's technique for preparing p-berry that has been hardened in the freezer. If you're lucky I might share it with you.

I promise more posts to come.


oh no!

So I was out of town for over two weeks missing my pinkberry terribly. I even had a whole conversation with my friend J about how to survive without pinkberry if forced to (in a pinch his solution is raspberry sorbet and vanilla frozen yogurt mixed together). So I was really excited yesterday to stop at the Spring Street p-berry (where they must recognize me by now) only to find out that they have raised the prices! I was all ready to shell out my $5.98 when the woman at the register said "that will be $6.23" $6.23? Up a whole quarter? What's up with that pinkberry??


I haven't forgotten about my pinkberry...

Sorry I haven't been posting for a while. Don't worry - I have not abandoned my beloved pinkberry! (just been busy) Since I last posted:

  • I brought K to pberry where he had original with mango, raspberries and bananas (interesting combo, right?). He loved it as I knew he would. :-)

  • A friend texted me as the resident pinkberry expert while she was out about town wanting to know the closest pberry - I was able to help out (she was near columbus circle)

  • I actually don't mind going to the dentist because it's one block away from a pberry. Is that bad?

more to come...


a small annoyance...

So today as I was waiting for my pinkberry after work I was wondering why they bother asking if I want it to stay or to go because either way they give you a container with no cover (at least here in nyc). The funny thing is this bothered me months ago and I actually asked them why they asked that question and they assured me that if you ask for it to go they do indeed put a lid on it for you (at the time I was getting to stay so I didn't really know better). So tell me pinkberry - are you just doing a survey? wanting to know how many people want it to stay and how many people want it to go? If that's the case then fine - but otherwise you're wasting precious time asking questions that have no relevance! ;)


taking it home...

So the other day as I was stopping on my way home from work at the Spring Street p-berry, I decided why not - I'll be bad and get a second original with mango-mochi-yogurt chips to go! A friend of mine swears by this (see previous post) so I was curious to try it out.

I have a couple of observations:

1. You get a decent amount of toppings by asking them to pack them separately - but...

2. The yogurt gets a bit too frozen so it's not quite the same experience (though it does make it last longer since it takes more time to eat it!)


need it that bad...

So I thought I was bad having to stop at pinkberry on my way home from work at least once a week. This is the picture of a friend's freezer....

granted he has been away and needs to catch up on two months sans-pinkberry but from what I understand this is a fairly normal occurrence. The only reason I hadn't thought of it was that I thought the toppings would not keep well. Little did I know that they will actually pack your toppings separately! now my freezer might have to be chock full o'pinkberry too.