a small annoyance...

So today as I was waiting for my pinkberry after work I was wondering why they bother asking if I want it to stay or to go because either way they give you a container with no cover (at least here in nyc). The funny thing is this bothered me months ago and I actually asked them why they asked that question and they assured me that if you ask for it to go they do indeed put a lid on it for you (at the time I was getting to stay so I didn't really know better). So tell me pinkberry - are you just doing a survey? wanting to know how many people want it to stay and how many people want it to go? If that's the case then fine - but otherwise you're wasting precious time asking questions that have no relevance! ;)

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Paz said...

LOL! No time to waste when you can spend it enjoying your pinkberry, huh? ;-)