oh no!

So I was out of town for over two weeks missing my pinkberry terribly. I even had a whole conversation with my friend J about how to survive without pinkberry if forced to (in a pinch his solution is raspberry sorbet and vanilla frozen yogurt mixed together). So I was really excited yesterday to stop at the Spring Street p-berry (where they must recognize me by now) only to find out that they have raised the prices! I was all ready to shell out my $5.98 when the woman at the register said "that will be $6.23" $6.23? Up a whole quarter? What's up with that pinkberry??


I haven't forgotten about my pinkberry...

Sorry I haven't been posting for a while. Don't worry - I have not abandoned my beloved pinkberry! (just been busy) Since I last posted:

  • I brought K to pberry where he had original with mango, raspberries and bananas (interesting combo, right?). He loved it as I knew he would. :-)

  • A friend texted me as the resident pinkberry expert while she was out about town wanting to know the closest pberry - I was able to help out (she was near columbus circle)

  • I actually don't mind going to the dentist because it's one block away from a pberry. Is that bad?

more to come...